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Many of the systems below are also installed into buildings. Grey Matter Fire & Security Ltd can install these systems as part of a life safety package or as a bespoke project.

As with all our other systems we possess knowledge and experience and benefit from full manufacturer support enabling us to easily integrate these systems into Fire Detection and Security installations.

Emergency Voice Communication (EVC)

EVC, which must conform to BS 5839-9:2011, is a system for Fire Telephones and Disabled Refuge Points.

These points utilise telephone style handsets and ‘Call’ buttons to communicate with a ‘head end’ (which can be situated at receptions or security control rooms) allowing the building administration and emergency services to communicate with the person in distress.


Disabled Toilet Alarms (DTA)

Disabled Toilet Alarms (DTA) are installed in designated disabled W.Cs and provide a means of alerting others that there may be an incident or emergency within the W.C.

They range from a simple stand alone module for a single toilet to a networked system that communicates to a head end (normally within a reception or security control) identifying the exact toilet to security staff, reducing response times for those inside.

If required we can install an EVC system and combine it with the DTA network, which proves both cost effective and simpler for building staff to use.

Recent legislation known as The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) further enforces the need for EVCs and DTAs as well as other systems.


Water Leak Detection

Often installed in computer rooms or other areas where leaks and flooding can cause significant damage to the protected areas contents.

They range from stand alone units for a simple single zone or room through to multi area networked systems.

They give local audible and visual alarms but can also be monitored via your building management system (BMS) or even your fire detection system.