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If it matters to you, it matters to us

Grey Matter Fire & Security Ltd. understands the importance of protecting your premises, its contents, your staff and the general public.

By installing a quality security system you can significantly minimise the risk of theft and trespassing on your property creating a safer environment for staff and visitors.

We can design, supply, install and maintain your equipment; our independent status allowing us to combine the best solutions from a wide range of manufacturer’s equipment to meet your budget and requirements.

We can design a fully integrated security package with all the elements below and can be utilised within the domestic and commercial markets, within these categories:

Access Control

Access Control keeps your organisation secure and significantly minimise the risk of theft or trespassing on your property. It also helps you to manage employees and visitors effectively; with the capability to track real-time movements remotely allowing the fast identification of occupants in an emergency situation.

Grey Matter Fire & Security Ltd. can supply a range of products to suit your needs including biometric and proximity smart card, keypad based solutions. These can be used to create a single secure access point at the entrance of a building and can be extended to a multiple door installations, spread across several floors or sites with secure areas or rooms.

They can be programmed to allow multiple levels of access on an individual basis, with access cards letting some personnel into all areas whilst others only to a particular floor. This can be very useful in multi-tenant buildings or those with regular visitors.

We also provide audio/video entry systems for residential and commercial applications. Our stylish, cost effective and user-friendly solutions are designed to meet all requirements for access control integrated systems and can be individually tailored to suit your needs.


Closed Circuit Television has increasingly becoming an integral part of modern building security, with applications for both commercial and domestic use. They allow staff to monitor and track events in real-time and capture any incidents when you they are not there.

Cutting edge digital technology now gives the clearest camera recordings. The on-screen interface is user-friendly, helping to facilitate the easy transfer and copy of footage passages.

Commercial applications are normally viewed in security control rooms whilst domestic applications can now be viewed via Broadband links (remotely dialled with secure password) and mobile phones.

Intruder Alarm

Used commercially and domestically, intruder alarm security comprises of controllers and user interfaces (such as keypads and more recently even proximity type key fob technology for ease of use). Passive Infrared Detectors (PIRs), contacts, and shock sensors detect movement, the opening of windows or doors and breaking of glass; initiating alarms accordingly. Optional extras also include a panic alarm button for instant alarm activation.

Alarms will be audible both inside and outside the premises. Intruder alarms can also be linked to monitoring stations that automatically dial nominated keyholders and authorities upon activation. Conventional intruder technology is wired but Wire-Free options are now available for domestic or listed building applications.