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The effects of a fire can be devastating. With this is mind, a reliable and effective fire detection and alarm system that meets the criteria of BS 5839-1:2013 is absolutely essential in today’s business and commercial environments.

Each and every year in the UK there are more than 100,000 fires in commercial and residential buildings.

Grey Matter Fire & Security Ltd. provides quality, cost effective solutions from a wide range of Fire Detection and Alarm packages for both new build projects and upgrades and extensions to existing systems.

Using in-house knowledge, design capability, and an extensive product range, our design engineers and project management team can provide a bespoke solution that is perfectly matched to your individual fire risk and environmental conditions.

Grey Matter Fire & Security Ltd. benefit from full technical backup from all manufacturers we partner with, meaning we are able to fully support any system required for every project. Our experience and commitment to the latest technology means we have access to cutting edge equipment, ensuring that accurate and rapid detection is achieved which is crucial in stopping a fire becoming a major disaster.

There are many types and styles of detection to choose from, ranging from those more suited to smaller installations where budget is the primary concern, through to those which help minimise false alarms. Along with the standard point style detection, other types of detection may also be utilised to ensure each area of any building is protected with the solution best suited for the conditions.

Grey Matter Fire and Security Ltd. can provide the following options:

Conventional and Addressable Point Detection

These are the most common types of system and generally form the basis of most installations. All Analogue Addressable types normally report back to the main control panel, giving the user a single point of reference. We have a wide variety of point detection choices from many manufacturers, covering a range of budgetary and technical specifications. Other types of equipment used include; Audio/Visual alarms, interfaces to signal or control plant for building management, and beam detection for high level applications.

Air Sampling

A high sensitivity system that utilises aspirating detection technology, drawing air through pipes to analyse the smoke content. Air sampling systems are also ideal for early warning detection; set at a higher sensitivity they are mainly used in computer rooms and across building ducting systems to give occupants the earliest possible warning.

This type of equipment is also particularly good for areas that are high, where point detection would not be practical where ongoing maintenance access is a concern.

Gas Suppression

This technology comprises of point style detection and alarm components, however in the event of a fire being detected they are connected to a mechanical gas suppression system which automatically discharges a gaseous agent such as FM200 into the area to extinguish the fire.

This solution is normally used for computer rooms and other areas where the contents are financially valuable or business critical.

Wire Free Detection

A Wire-Free fire alarm system is a unique alternative to the costs and disruption to business associated with conventional point detection type fire alarm installation. This is an ideal solution for retrofit and refurbishment applications and in particular listed buildings where installation of cabling would not be practical.

At the heart of Wire-Free fire detection is a control panel capable of supporting up to 3000 detectors. Wire-Free solutions offer the most advanced fire detection technologies available on the market today. They use state-of-the-art wireless sensors, battery powered to last several years and the panels are user friendly and can be readily interfaced with existing hardwired systems.

The benefits include minimal disruption and installation time, where the building fabric remains protected and undamaged, negating the need for making good and fire stopping around cable penetrations.

The equipment is a company asset because it can simply be un-installed and moved with your business as it grows.

Whilst suitable for any application, Wire-Free detection is widely used for hotels and residential homes, temporary protection, and structures where the business has no available down time for lengthy cable runs to be completed.

Linear Heat Detection

Linear heat detection works in a unique mechanical fashion. Heat sensing cable can be installed at high level where point detection would be less effective, in the event of fire the cable’s outer protection is burnt through and a signal is sent to the panel.

This solution is best utilised in areas where smoke that could cause false alarms is present in the atmosphere, such as covered and underground car parks; it can also be used in cable tunnel applications or other hard to reach places.